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Did you know? AI-generated content are easy to detect and may damage your brand's reputation. 

Publish content to generate inbound leads with BreezeCopy's experienced technology copywriters who are passionate, SEO-trained human writers.

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Drive Inbound Leads with Top Notch Copywriting
Let BreezeCopy's SEO-trained technology copywriters, who understand your clientele and industry, write your content so your team can focus on growing your business.
Blog posts and articles
White papers and eBooks
One pagers and case studies
Website content and ghostwriting
The BreezeCopy Difference for Copywriting
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Passionate Technology Copywriters
You will receive copy that resonates with your audience because we speak the same lingo and we understand their buying journey and industry. All of our writers are human, SEO-trained, and passionate about technology.
SEO Validations for Optimized Content
Having a solid SEO strategy is ever important, especially when it comes to blog articles and website content as they help your website rank higher in organic search. Whenever your website is updated with new quality content, Google responds by sending more organic traffic to your website. 
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A Variety of Formats
Copywriting comes in many formats, and BreezeCopy analyzes and recommends the ideal formats based on your content goals. Examples include blog articles, website content, white papers, one pagers, case studies, eBooks, data sheets, and more. 
Copy that Converts
Technology topics can be heavy, and it takes significant skill and experience to produce copy that leads your audience to conversion. We understand technology buyers and cater to them with relevant, interesting, and concise copy with a compelling call-to-actions that convert.
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On-Time Deliverables
Did you need your content yesterday? Let BreezeCopy treat your content development with a sense of urgency. 
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BreezeCopy Copywriting Services Features
SEO-friendly copywriting
100% original content
On-time deliverables
Topic ideation and research
Technology specialization
Keywords and SEO-optimized content
One of the main reasons why organizations invest in content is to drive organic search results. The BreezeCopy team continues to sharpen our SEO skills and knowledge and leverage SEO best practices in all our work to provide you with the best value.
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