SEO-Focused blogs

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Business blogs have three key benefits. 


  1. Helps your website get discovered by your target audience

  2. Boost your brand’s credibility 

  3. Generates inbound leads


With BreezeCopy’s search-engine-optimized blogs, each published blog equates to one additional indexed page on your website, an important activity for appearing in organic search. 

Google and other search engines are driven by algorithms that recognize your website’s activity and reward you with more frequent check-ins to see what new content can be served in organic search. 


Blogs can also help you get discovered on social media platforms, as they are highly shareable content via LinkedIn and Twitter, exposing your business to new audiences.


BreezeCopy Offers:

Quick Tip:  Add a lead generation call-to-action (CTA) at the end of every blog post to generate new sales leads! Whether you’re offering a free eBook or other digital asset, include a form for your audience to submit their contact information to download the asset. Boom - you’ve just landed a warm lead. It’s that simple!

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